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Chris Argue Memorial Fund

The Chris Argue Memorial Fund was established to assist individuals or organizations involved in the development of leadership skills and self-confidence through self-propelled wilderness travel in the Northwest Territories. Grants may be used for travel, providing leadership or skills training, attending courses, programs or training or promotional activities related to self-propelled wilderness travel in the Northwest Territories.


To be eligible, individual applicants must demonstrate their leadership in the promotion of self-propelled wilderness travel, have clear short and long-term goals related to this field and show that they will contribute to the community or the NWT in this field. They must also have resided in the NWT for at least two years.

To be eligible, organizational applicants must demonstrate the practicality of their application and its potential to develop the leadership skills and self-confidence of individuals through self-propelled wilderness travel in the Northwest Territories. Organizations must also be registered as a non-profit corporation in the NWT with a mandate that is dedicated in whole or in part to self-propelled wilderness travel.


Preference will be given to eligible individuals or organizations whose past activities reflect the guiding values of the Fund. Preference may also be given to individual applicants whose career goals include science or engineering along with their dedication to self-propelled wilderness travel. The grant may be awarded more than once to the same applicant.


The deadline for applications is May 15 of each year. The application must include a written essay of at least 500 words on:

  1. The eligibility of applicant with reference to the Chris Argue Memorial Fund criteria
  2. How the planned activities will further the purpose of the fund
  3. A detailed plan outlining the proposed use of the funds

It must also include contact information and a letter of reference from a recognized sport organization or another source acceptable to the Yellowknife Community Foundation.

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Past recipients

2017 Jack Panayi
2016 Diane Marin
2015 Tides Canada
2014 Northern Youth Leadership Society
2013 William McDonald Middle School, and Northern Youth Leadership Society
2012 Oliver Hodgins
2011 Taiga Girls Camp
2010 Yellowknife Climbing Club
2009 Jamie Jacobs
2008 William McDonald School
2007 École Sir John Franklin High School
2006 No award
2005 No award
2004 Chris Carthew