City Thanks Key Foundation Volunteers

The City of Yellowknife held their first ever thank you event for key volunteers on April 6 at the DND Gymnasium. Yellowknife Community Foundation volunteers Tom and Ann Hall were amongst those recognized. The Foundation is very thankfull for the on-going contributions made by Tom and Ann and the numerous other community minded citizens who assist with our projects through out the year. For more information, check out “An opportunity to say thank you” (NNSL – Candace Thomson, PDF 92kb).

In existence since 1993, the Yellowknife Community Foundation is the leading philanthropic organization in Yellowknife. A registered charity, the Foundation was formed in 1993 to provide residents (and former residents) with a means of supporting projects in our community for the enduring future. The Foundation is not singularly dedicated to any specific area of support. It embodies a simple concept – that people working together can make a difference. Donations are placed in a capital fund. The money, invested over time, will grow and will continue to have an impact long after the original gift is made. Donations to the Foundation are eligible deductions for income tax purposes. For more information contact the Yellowknife Community Foundation President Charles Dent at (867) 445-3368.

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