Strategic Plan

Since its establishment in 1993, the Yellowknife Community Foundation has grown and evolved significantly. We are expanding and diversifying our fund development and grant-making efforts and have already extended our reach beyond Yellowknife to support individuals and organizations across the Northwest Territories (NT). Today, we proudly manage over 40 funds that cater to a wide range of community needs and interests.

In early 2023, the Foundation’s Board of Directors approved a 5-year Strategic Plan (2023-2028), laying the groundwork for our ongoing commitment to the community and the continued impact we aspire to achieve.

Our Strategic Plan can be downloaded here: 2023-2028 Strategic Plan

Our Mission

A statement of our purpose: what we do, for whom, and the benefit and value.

The Yellowknife Community Foundation is a charitable organization that inspires and enables impactful giving in Yellowknife and the NWT. We strive to align donor interests and community needs through evidence-based grant-making, fundraising, strategic investment, public education, and community relations.

Our Vision

The ideal future we are working towards.

To be a catalyst for sharing, supportive, and connected communities.

Our Principles

Our values and how they inform our actions and decisions.

Generosity: We appreciate the contributions, resources, time, and talent of our donors, grantees, and partners. We’re committed to making the most of their generosity by managing funds and grants effectively.

Integrity: We aim to build trust by matching our words with our actions and staying honest and transparent in everything we do.

Learning: We’re here to serve the community. That means listening to and learning from our donors, applicants, grantees, and partners about their needs, interests, and experiences through open feedback and dialogue.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion: We’re dedicated to making everyone feel included and valued. We welcome diverse people and ideas, and we’re committed to breaking down social, cultural, and economic barriers.

Fiscal Prudence: We take our responsibility seriously when it comes to managing funds and assets. By making smart financial decisions and maintaining rigorous management and reporting practices, we aim to maximize our granting capacity over time.

Our Goals and Objectives

Our broad long-term aims, further defined through specific target outcomes.

Community Impact

GOAL 1 – Inspire and enable a broad range of people, organizations, and businesses to contribute to their community through charitable giving      

  • Increase awareness of the YKCF and the charitable giving options it provides (available and emerging)
  • Increase and understand the characteristics of the YKCF donor pool
  • Maintain a positive donor and community giving experience
  • Increase the Foundation’s asset base through innovative partnerships, campaigns, and community outreach

GOAL 2 – Transform our organization and practices to better represent, reflect, and serve our community

  • Increase participation of diverse community voices in the Foundation’s granting and decision-making
  • Increase understanding and application of best practices in YKCF’s approach to granting and philanthropy, adapted to the needs and realities of the NWT

GOAL 3 – Strengthen our ability to understand, communicate and respond to community needs

  • Increase our understanding of community strengths and needs through research and collaboration
  • Increase alignment of YKCF fund development and grant-making with identified community needs
  • Increase the diversity of our applicant pool
  • Increase the proportion of donors donating to unrestricted funds or to identified areas of need
Organizational Performance

GOAL 4 – Enable the Board of YKCF to focus on governance and strategic initiatives supported by policies

  • Increase proportion of Board time dedicated to strategic initiatives
  • Have sufficient policies to enable effective/efficient management of day-to-day activities by staff without direct Board involvement
  • Make progress on identified strategic initiatives

GOAL 5 – Strengthen organizational capacity and resilience

  • Increase operational revenue to ensure the Foundation can continue to grow and extend the reach of its activities
  • Maintain a stable Board and staff complement and align with evolving organizational needs
  • Maintain organizational knowledge and capacity
  • Optimize the value of Foundant for analysis and decision-making
  • Increase application of sector administrative and financial best practices and processes (e.g. CFC and other Community Foundations)