Elliot Michael
Brown Fund

About the Elliot Michael Brown Fund

The purpose of the Elliot Michael Brown Fund is to support community economic development activities for young adults in the Northwest Territories.

  • Do you have a business goal or idea that you would like to pursue and make a reality?
  • Are you between the ages of 18 and 35?
  • Have you been a resident of the Northwest Territories for at least 12 consecutive months?

Then you may be eligible to apply!

Each year, individuals interested in pursuing and realizing their business goal or idea are welcome to apply for a grant from the Elliot Michael Brown Fund. In order to apply, individuals will need to provide either (or both):

  • Proof of employment-related training.
  • Statement of financial need in the form of an essay.

Application process

Individuals interested in applying must create a profile on our application portal. Once your profile is created, you can submit an application to the Elliot Michael Brown Fund. If you would like to submit a verbal (video) application, please call our office at 867-446-4527 or email at information@ykcf.ca to discuss. 

Please note that the application portal will ask that you include organizational information when completing your new account profile. Please type in your name and personal information in lieu of organizational information. 

2024 key dates

31 May, 12.01am

Applications open.

31 July, 11.59pm

Applications close.


Funding distributed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Elliot moved to Yellowknife when he was 10 years old to live with his aunt and uncle. He was always entrepreneurial, planning his allowance and hustling additional chores to earn more. In high school, he pioneered the concept of rideshare, giving rides in his beat up Corolla for a small fee. He went on to pursue post-secondary education focusing on business but was not settled enough to finish his studies and so returned north, working in expediting for remote work sites. He loved the barrens, being on the land, and seeing opportunities for sustainable opportunities for sustainable development. He was full of ideas, always thinking of possible business ventures while also being a compassionate, funny and a thoughtful person who his always teased for his questionable musical tastes (Hall & Oates anyone…?). 

Elliot passed away in 2016 and is deeply missed by his friends and family. 

The Elliot Michael Brown Fund is eligible for individuals who are between the ages of 18-35 and residents of the Northwest Territories for at least 12 consecutive months.

Funding requests to the Elliot Michael Brown Fund are $5,000 annually.

Applicants can use the funds for expenses that relate to their business goal idea. 

For example:

  • Expenses for employment-related training that helps with your business goal or idea
  • Items or material for your business that helps with your business goal or idea (i.e. if your business idea is to start a hair salon in your community, maybe you need to purchase materials)
  • Travel costs if your training is outside of your community

Grant applications can be submitted to the Elliot Michael Brown Fund when the application portal opens. In 2024, the application portal opens in early June. Apply using the link on our website. 

Please note that you will need to create an account on our application portal. The application portal will ask you for your organization information – Instead of filling out your organizational information (because you are an individual), fill out your personal information instead!

Please note that application due dates may vary in future years. 

Yes! This grant supports young adults who want to further their business goal or idea. We want to see what kind of training you need to access or your financial need so that we can help you get there! 

Yes! You can apply to this grant if you do not have a business, but maybe you have a business idea that you would like to pursue. Tell us what kind of training you need to make this happen, and/or whether you have a financial need. 

Yes! If you would like to submit an application verbally, or by video – Please contact our office to chat about it! Email: information@ykcf.ca or Call: 867-446-4527

In your application, you will have the option to submit a statement of financial need. This can look very different for everyone – That is why your statement is in the form of a written essay (or you can contact our office if you want to submit verbally). 

Here are some helpful guiding questions:

  • Why do you have a financial need? Provide a clear reason why you need support. 
  • Briefly describe your current financial situation and why this grant will help you gain employment and financial resiliency. 

In your application, you will have to option to provide proof of employment-related training. This training must relate to your business idea of goal. What kind of training would help you achieve your idea or goal? This training does not need to be taken at a University or College, we also support informal training. Here are some examples below:

  • Bookkeeping certificate (maybe your business goal is to build up your financial knowledge for your business)
  • Becoming a dog trainer (maybe your business idea is to start a dog trainer school in your community)
  • Mentorship agreement (maybe your business idea is to start a hair salon in your community, and you are receiving mentorship training from an already established hairstylist)

Feel free to call our office if you would like to chat about your idea for training. We are always happy to chat!

You must submit at least one of:

  • A proof of employment-related training (training that will help achieve your business goal or idea)
  • Statement of financial need (see above for explanation)

And you have the option of submitting both!

Applications are reviewed by our Grants Committee and Fund Advisors.

31 July at 11.59pm MST: All applications due via grant portal found on the Yellowknife Community Foundation website.

August 2024: Yellowknife Community Foundation staff and Grants Committee members conduct due diligence checks on all applications and undertake a review process. As a normal part of our review process, you may hear from us with questions about your application. We appreciate your time in providing clarity.

Mid May 2024: Applicants are notified. Every applicant will receive notification regardless of funding decision.

  • All successful applicants will be required to submit a final report through our online portal.
  • We want to hear from you during the lifecycle of your grant! Please reach out anytime with an impact story, picture or video, or just to say “Hi!”.
  • 2023 Jaylen Base-Smith (Indigenous Financial Coaching)
  • 2022 Jessica Francis (Yikaih Creations)

For more information

If you require assistance or have questions about the Elliot Michael Brown Fund, please do hesitate to contact the Yellowknife Community Foundation office at information@ykcf.ca or by phone at +1-867 446 4527.