Barb Bromley Fund for Seniors & Elders

Grants available in 2020:

Established in memory of Barbara Meriel Bromley.

The Barbara Bromley Memorial Fund was established to support issues related to seniors and elders such as housing, nursing and long-term care, hard of hearing, Alzheimers or similar dementias, and mobility.


To be eligible, applicants (organizations or individuals) must be based in Yellowknife, Ndilo or Dettah. In the case of grants being provided to individuals, YCF requires a valid Social Insurance Number in order to provide a T-4 slip before a grant may be disbursed.


Applicants will be assessed on the following criteria:

  1. Meeting eligibility requirements.
  2. A written statement (200 words max) outlining:
    1. The benefit the community will obtain from the grant, including the expected duration of seniors / elders benefits resulting from the project.
    2. Community involvement and contribution, including evidence of project endorsement from at least one seniors / elders institution or society within the City.
    3. Willingness to be involved in promotional activities in relation to this grant.
      Partners involved in the project (partners do not have to be Yellowknife-based).


  1. Applicants must include the following documentation with their application:
    1. A description of the issue or need to be addressed by the project.
    2. Evidence of the proposed partners’ willingness to contribute.
    3. Evidence of the capacity of the applicant and any partners to deliver the project.
    4. Such other materials as the YCF may require.

Are eligible to re-apply for grants in successive years; however previous receipt does not guarantee future awards.

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Applications are closed

Applications are closed for 2020. Please subscribe to our newsletter to find out when they open in 2021!

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