Friends of Fred Carmichael



The Friends of Fred Carmichael Scholarship Fund was created in 2008 when 27 companies from across Canada chose to establish this scholarship fund to honour Mr. Carmichael and his life-long passion – providing northerners with northern training for northern jobs.

The number of scholarships awarded, and the amount of the scholarships may vary from year to year. At the end of the 2017/2018 academic year six (6) scholarships of $1,000.00 each and four (4) $100.00 awards were granted.


This scholarship is only open to students enrolled in the Adult Learning and Basic Education (ALBE) program at Aurora Campus in Inuvik and at all Aurora Campus Community Learning Centres in the Beaufort Delta or Sahtu Regions of the Northwest Territories (NWT).


  1. strong academic effort (commitment and dedication to course work)
  2. more than the usual number of obstacles and challenges to overcome (perseverance in the face of adversity)

Like any good pilot, Mr. Carmichael knows the importance of ‘staying on course’ in order to successfully reach your destination. Through this scholarship, Mr. Carmichael hopes to encourage students to persevere through difficulties, as he had to do, in order to follow and achieve their dreams.


  1. Complete the Student Application Form (PDF 586kb) which requires carefully thought out answers to the following three (3) questions:
    1. What are your education and career goals?
    2. What were some of the challenges you faced while returning to school and how did you handle those challenges?
    3. In the future, how do you see yourself working to make your community and the North a better place?
  2. Have an instructor complete the Instructor’s Reference Form (PDF 586kb)

Applications may be submitted by email:;
by facsimile: 1-867-777-2850; or in hard copy,
by mail: c/o Student Counsellor
Aurora College, Aurora Campus
PO Box 1008, 87 Gwich’in Road

Important Note

  • successful applicants are required to provide Social Insurance Number for CRA purposes
  • successful applicants are required to keep the Yellowknife Community Foundation aware of any changes of address – for T4-As to be mailed next January/February
  • successful applicants are requested to sign a photo release form for the Yellowknife Community Foundation, which is the administrator/manager of the fund.

Contributors to the Fred Carmichael Scholarship include the following businesses and organizations:

  • Aboriginal Pipeline Group
  • Bennet Jones
  • BP Canada
  • Chevron
  • Conoco Philips
  • Devon Canada
  • Dowlands Contracting Ltd.
  • Field Law
  • First Nations Bank of Canada
  • Flint Energy
  • Great Slave Helicopters
  • Gwich’in Ensign Oilfield Services
  • Gwich’in Geomatics
  • Imperial Oil
  • Inuvik Commercial Properties Joint Venture
  • Kiewit & Sons
  • KPMG
  • Ledcor
  • Mackenzie Aboriginal Corp
  • MGM Energy
  • New North Projects
  • North American Construction Group
  • Pacific Western Bank
  • Petro Canada
  • RBC Capital Markets
  • Shell
  • Trans Canada Corporation

Past recipients

2018Amna Mohammed
2018Calvin MacCauley
2018Dale Ruben
2018John Robert
2018Konrad Grandjambe
2018Mahafuza (Dina) Khanom
2017Chanel Bavard
2017Patricia Turo
2017Earlene Lucas
2017Tina Esau
2017Beverly Kimiksana
2017Ronnie Rogers
2017Ashley Yukon
2017Samuel Kodekin-Yakeleya
2017Rylan Green
2017Hannah Kataoyak
2016Scott Atigikyoak
2016Raven Firth
2016Loretta Kelly
2016Joanna McKay
2016Riley McLeod
2016Sarah McNabb
2016Sharon Menacho
2016Carly Sayers

Applications are closed

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