Mardi Gras Thank You

Our tenth annual fundraising event raised over $61,000 for the Yellowknife Community Foundation. Thank you to everyone who attended!

A massive thank you to our Title Sponsor, Dominion Diamond Mines.

We’d also like to thank our Champion Sponsors: Advanced Medical Solutions, Mantonabee Petroleum, Global Storm IT, Rio Tinto Diavik Diamond Mine, Five on the Side, Janet and Marvin Robinson and The Explorer Hotel.

A special thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers including:

Eileen Dent, Cindy Dolynny, Darin Benoit, Rosanna Strong, Hendrika Brown, Stacie Smith, Krista Vokey, Michelle Hannah, Lisa Tesar, Kim Smale, Joanne Stassen, Catherine Pigott, Catherine Guay, Teresa Watson, Cara VanZanden, Bob Hermanutz, Amanda Blair, Kathy Brown, Colin Eddie, Shubhdeep Maitra, Janet Pacey, Eric Brown, Janet Marshall, Pam Taylor, Alexander Legaree, Kristen Shaw, YK Scouts Troop and St. Pat’s SADD Volunteers.

Our apologies if we have missed anyone.

We truly appreciate everyone’s support.

See the thank you ad we placed in the Yellowknifer on 15 February (PDF 4.2 MB)