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Doug Bothamley Memorial Fund

The Doug Bothamley Memorial Fund was established in memory of Doug’s many volunteer activities and contributions to the NWT sporting community and various other non-profit organizations in Yellowknife.

Doug passed away on July 6, 2015 in British Columbia but had resided in Yellowknife from 1972 to 2003. He had retired from the Government of the Northwest Territories Financial Management Board Secretariat following 30 years of service. Doug was well known to many people throughout the North and was an admired coach, mentor as well as competitive participant in curling and fastball. He had represented Yellowknife and the NWT at a number of territorial and national competitions over the years. After retirement Doug took on more of an active interest in playing golf.

The Fund is available to assist NWT high school graduates pursuing a post-secondary education and are active participants in softball, curling or golf.


Applicants must be:

  1. Residents of Yellowknife, NWT (minimum of one year).


The review committee will consider applications that submit all of the necessary documentation and the criteria outlined below.


The deadline for applications is May 15 of each year. Applicants must submit a verbal overview submitted as a video with the on-line application, or provided in-person to the selection committee, OR a written statement (200 words max) outlining:

  1. A written statement (200 words max) outlining:
  2. Why they are applying for the scholarship,
  3. What portion of education costs will the funds be used for,
  4. How long have they been active in the sport/sports identified in the eligibility criteria, and
  5. Willingness to be involved in promotional activities in relation to this scholarship.

Applications must also include:

  1. Proof of full time residency in Yellowknife.*
  2. Confirmation of acceptance in a post-secondary institution,
  3. Letter of reference from a coach or league or association organization representative attesting to the applicant's required sports participation.

Applicants are eligible to re-apply for grants in successive years; however previous receipt does not guarantee future awards.

*The residency requirement may be confirmed through a letter of reference from the Mayor or Chief, any member of City or Band Council or other official acceptable to the Yellowknife Community Foundation.

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