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Northern Aviation Scholarship

In memory of pilots John Bidwell, Jim Smith and Matthew Bromley.

The Northern Aviation Scholarship Fund was established to support individuals pursuing a post-secondary education in the aviation industry, for example, as a pilot, engineer or flight attendant.


To be eligible, individual applicants must have resided in the NWT or Nunavut for at least two years and be pursuing post-secondary education in an aviation related field.


The criteria to be used in assessing applications for an award shall include:

  1. The applicant's motivation in pursuing an aviation career;
  2. The applicant's initiative in preparing themselves for such a career through aviation related activities.
  3. The contribution the scholarship will make to the applicant in achieving their career goals.

The scholarship may be awarded more than once to the same applicant.


Applications must be received by May 15 each year. Awards will be announced in August each year. The application must include a statement in at least 500 words on:

  1. Why they wish to pursue a career in aviation in the NWT or Nunavut;
  2. What aviation related activities they have been involved with e.g. after school or part-time work, involvement in the cadet program;
  3. How the scholarship will contribute to them achieving their career goals in aviation in the NWT or Nunavut.

It must also include two letters of reference from an organization recognized for its work in aviation or another source acceptable to the Yellowknife Community Foundation and proof of acceptance or conditional acceptance at a recognized post-secondary institution in an aviation-related course of studies.

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Applications open 1 March 2019.

Past recipients

2017 Kandace Sittichinli
2016 Benton Davie
2015 no award
2014 Kylar Villebrun
2013 Kylar Villebrun
2012 Kylar Villebrun
2011 No award
2010 No award
2009 Steven Lipson
2008 Jared Marshall
2007 Pierre Corriveau
2006 Kyle Wheaton
2005 Derrick Kocik
2004 Derrick Kocik