Yellowknife Community Foundation Announces 2020 Scholarship Recipients YKCF Scholarships doubled as part of COVID-19 response

The Yellowknife Community Foundationtoday announced the award of 54 scholarships valued at a total of $104,000, the largest single award the Foundation has made in its 27 year history.

Robin Greig, President of the Yellowknife Community Foundation – “scholarships were awarded in Fine and Performing Arts, Health Care and Social Work, Sport and Recreation, Leadership and Community Development, Trades, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), Air Transportation, Finance and Management, Administrative Support, and Second Language studies to students from across the Northwest Territories and some from Nunavut and Yukon”

Laurie Gault, Grants Committee Chair for the Yellowknife Community Foundation – “Students across the north are facing an unprecedented drop in summer employment opportunities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We were very pleased to be able to double the number of students receiving scholarships to help out.” 

The Yellowknife Community Foundation also acknowledged Rio Tinto Diavik Diamond Mine for stepping up to support the increase in Foundation Scholarships this year by making a direct contribution to assist with the increase for Rio Tinto Diavik Diamond Mine Community Scholarship.

The Yellowknife Community Foundation was formed in 1993 to provide interested individuals and organizations with a means of supporting projects in our community for the enduring future. The Foundation is not singularly dedicated to any specific area of support. It embodies a simple concept – that people working together can make a difference. 

Aurora College Scholarship
Marta Goodwin

Adolf Duesterhus STEM Scholarship Fund
Seamus Daly and Bethany Giovanetto

Alice And Randy Daniels Music Fund
Grace Clark and Diana Rockwell

Butler-Hushagen Health Education Fund
Kleinberg Fernandez and Zahir Hirani

Chris Argue Memorial Fund
Jack Kotaska and Kelvin Kotchilea

Con Employees’ Benevolent Fund
Vivianne Pauzé and Cassidy Taylor

Doug Bothamley Memorial Fund
Max Dragon and David Phypers

Rio Tinto Diavik Comm Scholarship Fund
Patrick Adzin Jr., Kelvin Kotchilea, Gillian McNaughton, Allana Nakashook-Zettler, Nancy Ngo and Jada Xie Doctor

David J. Ramsden Memorial Scholarship
Julianna Neudorf and Victoria Rankin

David Sutherland Memorial Fund
Ella Kokelj and Jack Panayi

Enough Talk, Hurry Up and Do It Already
Safiya Hashi

Elaine (Sweet) Whitford Scholarship Fun
Emma Cameron and Roxanne Kotchilea

Fine & Performing Arts Scholarship
Kacie Hall and Rankin Stewart

Gary Robinson Memorial Fund
Henry Law

Helping Children Soar Scholarship
Two awards

Jenny Gamble-Fournier Memorial Fund
Darian Erasmus and Abigail Thompson

Jonas Konge Memorial Fund
Alexander Affleck and Elycia Monaghan

John Tumchewics Memorial Fund
Kurt Petersen

Legislative Assembly of the NWT Fund
Paulina Ross and Christopher Yurris

Luke Charpentier Memorial Fund
Kirianne Ashley and Alannis McKee

Lena Gosselin Memorial Fund
Marta Goodwin and Luke Heal

Lilly Borges-Oldham Language Scholarship
Ashley Ens

Mary Beth Miller Memorial Fund
Ella Kokelj and Jack Panayi

Northern Aviation Scholarship
Tyana Nutt and Robyn Quitte

Pat McMahon Memorial Fund
Clair Littlefair and Anusa Sivalingam

Randy McBride Hockey Project Fund
Deanne Whenham and Zach Zorn

Wally12Million Arts Fund
Grace Clark and Carson Asmundson

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