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Student Awards & Scholarships

The Yellowknife Community Foundation provides Students Awards to deserving students across the North. 

Please check below categories to see which Student Award you may be eligible to apply and our 2023 key dates. 

2023 key dates

1 April, 12.01am

Scholarship application portal opens. 

15 May, 11.59pm

Scholarship application portal closes.

Mid- to late July

Funding distributed to scholarship recipients. 

Application process

  • Individuals interested in applying must create a profile on our application portal.
  • Each individual applying will need to complete an eligibility quiz.
  • Once the quiz is completed, you may begin applying to the funds applicable to your studies.

Interested in learning more about our Student Awards? Check out the below categories to see which funds you may be eligible to apply to:



Education/Teacher Education


Health & Social Work

Languages, Communications & Journalism


Office Management

Outdoor Education & Emergency Response

Political Science

Sport & Recreation

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)


Frequently Asked Questions

All of our scholarships are available during our call-out period.

Every year, our call out period happens between April and May. 

As per our policy, the YKCF considers you to be a ‘resident’ of the Northwest Territories, Yukon or Nunavut if you meet one of the following criteria:

  1. You are physically resident in one of the Northern territories for 12 continuous months or more;
  2. You are temporarily relocated to attend a post-secondary institution and were considered resident before you left one of the Northern territories;
  3. You are in K-12 outside of one of the Northern territories where the parent/guardian with whom you normally reside is considered a resident of one of the Northern territories, but you have not resided in one specific province or territory for 12 continuous months. 

Yes! We encourage you to complete the eligibility quiz to see which funds you are eligible to apply. 

Remember that not every fund is available for residents outside of Yellowknife.

YKCF requires you to complete a proof of residency affidavit. 

You will be able to download this affidavit once you create a profile on our application portal, and start the application process. 

Reminder: Your proof of residency affidavit cannot be witness by a direct family member. 

Applications can be submitted to our scholarship funds when the application portal opens. In 2023, the application portal opens on April 1st. Please use the link on our website to apply.

Once you create a profile on our application portal, it will ask you to complete an eligibility quiz to determine which Student Award funds you are eligible to apply to. Once complete, you can start applying to the funds that apply to your studies!

Once you have completed the eligibility quiz and you think there should be a Student Award that isn’t listed, please contact our office to inquire!

Office number: 867-446-4527

Office email: information@ykcf.ca 

All of our funding amounts vary from scholarship to scholarship. Although, each of our scholarships are at least $1,000. 

Take a look at the scholarship pages to see how much is available in 2023!

Applications are reviewed by our Grants Committee and Fund Advisors.

As much as you can! You will get into the flow of the process the more you write and apply. The key is to give each essay your all. 

Yes, you can re-use an essay you wrote. Although, be sure to read and re-read the application instructions to be sure your essay writing is applicable to the specific fund. 

Each of our Student Funds is different, and it is important to include details that are relevant. 

We suggest you ask someone you know well and for an extended period. 

Some great examples are teachers, guidance counsellors, coaches, mentors, or instructors. 

Please check the requirements of the reference letters, as they may be different for each fund. 

Recent is always better. Within a few months of your application is acceptable. Otherwise, your skills and experience may have change. Think of the letter as an extra vote of support for your application. Don’t make the scholarship admin wonder why your letter is several years old!

For some of our Funds, you will have to submit a statement of financial need. This can look very different for everyone – That is why your statement is in the form of a written essay. 

Here are some guiding questions:

  • Why do you have a financial need? Provide a clear reason why you need support. 
  • Why will receiving this scholarship help you complete your studies and contribute to your academic success?

It is a good idea to start the process of applying early, to ensure you have all of the needed documents (e.g. transcripts, reference letters) completed and submitted by the deadline. 

All of our scholarships are due on the same day every year. If you are ready to submit your application, feel free to do so before the deadline. However, all applications will be reviewed only after the deadline. Applying for a scholarship earlier than the deadline will not give you an advantage. 

You may only submit one application per fund. Keep in mind that each scholarship has specific criteria. 

Please complete the eligibility quiz to see which Student Award Funds you are eligible to apply to. 

15 May 2023 at 11.59pm MST: All applications due via scholarship portal found on the Yellowknife Community Foundation website.

June & July 2023: Yellowknife Community Foundation staff and Student Awards Review Committee members conduct due diligence checks on all applications and undertake a review process. As a normal part of our review process, you may hear from us with questions about your application. We appreciate your time in providing clarity.

Mid to Late July 2023: Applicants are notified. Every applicant will receive notification regardless of funding decision.

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