Fine & Performing Arts Scholarship Fund

About the Fine & Performing Arts Scholarship Fund

Established in 1999, the purpose of the Fine & Performing Arts Scholarship Fund is to support residents of the Northwest Territories who are pursuing education and training opportunities in the fine or performing arts. 

Applicants must be pursuing artistic training in one or more of the following areas: drama, dance, music, and theatre arts including technical production, studio arts, film or photography. The program or course in the fine and performing arts must be a minimum of 100 hours in duration. 

A priority will be given to developing artists. 

Application process

Individuals interested in applying must create a profile on our scholarship application portal. Once your profile is created, you will need to complete our eligibility quiz and then submit a scholarship application to the Fine & Performing Arts Fund.

2024 key dates

1 April, 12.01am

Scholarship application portal opens. 

15 May, 11.59pm

Scholarship application portal closes. Late applications not accepted.

Mid- to late July

Funding distributed to scholarship recipients. 

Please find the application process below, including some frequently asked questions. 

The Fine & Performing Arts Fund was established in 1999. 

$2000 to two recipients each.

Please note that award amounts vary year by year.

In order to be eligible to apply for the Fine & Performing Arts Fund, you must be:

  • A resident of the Northwest Territories for at least 12 consecutive months 
  • Pursuing education or training in one or more of the following areas: drama, dance, music, and theatre arts including technical production, studio arts, film or photography

All of our scholarship application forms and additional materials need to be submitted on our scholarship application portal.

  • You will complete a questionnaire describing your goals related to your field in Fine and Performing Arts, and your community involvement and willingness to share your artistic endeavours with your community.
  • You will provide the email address of a reference related to your performance or activities related to your field in Fine or Performing Arts. Your reference can be a teacher or a mentor from the arts community. We will email your reference a recommendation form to fill out.

You must be an eligible resident to apply for a scholarship.
As such, YKCF requires you to make a residency declaration and have a witness sign off.
However, you do not need to print out any forms!
Each residency declaration is a one-click question embedded within the application process.
You just need to provide the email address of your residency witness, and they will be emailed directly.

You can only apply through our online application portal. In 2024, the application portal opens on April 2nd.

Access it here: https://www.grantinterface.ca/Home/Logon?urlkey=yellowknifescholarship

Mailed and emailed applications will not be accepted barring extreme circumstances.

If you have more questions, check back to our FAQs on our scholarship page!

  • 2023 Alexander Ketchum, Olivia Rockwell, Amelia Bekale
  • 2022 Diana Rockwell & Anonymous
  • 2021 Sarah Buth, Kacie Hall & Raven Mutford
  • 2020 Kacie Hall and Rankin Stewart
  • 2019 Carson Asmundson & Juliane Debogorski
  • 2018 Kacie Hall & Colleen Nagel
  • 2017 Courtney Chetwynd & Alisha Breton
  • 2016 Chloé Duval, Katy Harmer & Dylan Maguire
  • 2015 Lucas Othmer & Cassi Atamanenko
  • 2014 Jessica Lynn Phillips
  • 2013 Casey Anderson & Carmen Braden
  • 2012 AJ Collins
  • 2011 Amelie Duval, Antoine Mountain & Dana Sipos Randor
  • 2010 Joe Jaw Ashoona, Ian MacDougall, Hailey McLeod & Roya Yazdanmehr
  • 2009 Roya Yazdanmehr & Joanna Matthews
  • 2008 Antoine Mountain
  • 2007 Leanna Goose
  • 2006 Tiffany Ayalik
  • 2005 No award
  • 2004 Kirsten Carthew
  • 2003 Renee Pitre
  • 2002 Sarah Kallos, Amanda Dei & April Parchoma
  • 2001 Sacha Engelhardt
  • 2000 Doug Richard & Rene Bonnett

For more information

If you require assistance or have questions about the Fine & Performing Arts Fund, please do hesitate to contact the Yellowknife Community Foundation office at grants@ykcf.ca or by phone at +1-867 446 4527.

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