Yellowknife Community Foundation

David Sutherland Memorial Fund

Established in memory of David Sutherland.

The David Sutherland Memorial Fund was established to support the activities and development of young cross country skiers in the NWT.


Individuals must be members of an NWT cross country ski organization recognized by Sport North Federation and must be an NWT resident for at least two years. Organizations must be NWT cross country ski organizations as recognized by Sport North Federation.


The criteria to be used in assessing applications for an award shall include:

  1. Demonstrated traits such as sportsmanship, enthusiasm, friendliness, spirit, determination and perseverance.
  2. Willingness to give back to the sport.


Applications must be received by May 15 each year. The application must include a statement in at least 500 words on:

  1. Why they are applying for the grant;
  2. What cross country skiing activities they have been involved in, for example:
    1. For an individual, their involvement in cross country skiing programs as a participant or coach, coach assistant or Jackrabbit leader; or
    2. For an organization, their involvement in the delivery of a cross country skiing program.
  3. How the grant will contribute to them achieving their goals or a plan for how the funds will be used.

If an individual, applicants must include a letter of reference from a recognized sport organization or another source acceptable to the Yellowknife Community Foundation attesting to the applicant’s involvement in the above listed activities, the exhibition of the above listed qualities. A Proof of Residency form must be submitted along with the application.

Past recipients

  • 2020 Ella Kokelj and Jack Panayi
  • 2019 Nicolas Bennett
  • 2018 Ella Kokelj
  • 2017 Ella Kokelj
  • 2016 Donny Boake
  • 2015 YK Ski Club
  • 2014 No award
  • 2013 Kevin Durkee
  • 2012 Thomsen D’Hont
  • 2011 Yellowknife Ski Club (Athlete Support Program)
  • 2010 Thomsen D’Hont
  • 2009 Thomsen D’Hont
  • 2008 Thomsen D’Hont
  • 2007 No award
  • 2006 Mike Argue




Support the activities and development of young cross country skiers in the NWT.