Gary Robinson
Memorial Fund

About the Gary Robinson Memorial Fund

Established in 2005, the purpose of the Gary Robinson Memorial Fund is to:

  • Provide a scholarship to residents of Yellowknife pursuing programming at institutions in emergency response and outdoor education. 
  • Support community initiatives in the fields of search and rescue/recovery, emergency response, and outdoor and on-the-land skills and training in Yellowknife. The Fund is designed to complement and support new and/or existing programming and/or community-based activities.
Each year, residents and organizations in Yellowknife are welcome to apply for a scholarship and a grant respectively.

Application process

For the scholarship option of the Fund, we accept applications from Yellowknife residents of at least 12-consecutive months. Individuals interested in applying must create a profile on our scholarship portal. 

For the grant option of the Fund, we accept applications from charitable organizations that have a valid charitable number from Canada Revenue Agency. If you are a non-profit organization that does not have a registered charitable number, you may still be able to apply. Please call our office to discuss +1-867-446-4527. 

To check that your charitable number is in good standing, visit Canada Revenue Agency or call 1-800-267-2384. 

Organizations interested in applying must create an organizational profile on our application portal. Once your profile is created, you can submit an application to the Gary Robinson Memorial Fund.

2024 key dates - Scholarship

2 April, 12.01am

Applications open.

31 May, 11.59pm

Applications close.

Mid- To Late July

Funding distributed.

2024 key dates - Grant

1 June, 12.01am

Applications open.

28 July, 11.59pm

Applications close.


Funding distributed.

Please note that key dates are subject to change in future years

Scholarship Option

The purpose of the scholarship option for the Gary Robinson Memorial Fund scholarship is to support residents of Yellowknife pursuing programming at institutions in emergency response and outdoor education.

$2500 to two recipients each.

Please note that award amounts vary year by year.

The scholarship option of the Gary Robinson Memorial Fund is available to residents of Yellowknife who have lived in Yellowknife for 12 consecutive months prior to applying. 

Applicants must be pursuing programming at institutions in emergency response and outdoor education.

All of our scholarship applications forms and additional materials need to be submitted on our scholarship application portal.

  • You will complete a questionnaire describing what field you are involved in, and how this scholarship will help you achieve our goals
  • You will provide the email address of a reference to support your application. Your reference can be a teacher, mentor, guidance counselor, etc. We will email your reference a recommendation form to fill out.
You must be an eligible resident to apply for a scholarship.
As such, YKCF requires you to make a residency declaration and have a witness sign off.
However, you do not need to print out any forms!
Each residency declaration is a one-click question embedded within the application process.
You just need to provide the email address of your residency witness, and they will be emailed directly.
A direct family member cannot be a witness.

You can apply through our scholarship application portal!

Please note that you will need to create an account, and complete our eligibility quiz to see which Fund you are eligible to apply. 

  • 2023: Niav Cudmore-Lynagh, Phillip Careen, Yamozha Beaulieu
  • 2022: Ella Kokelj, Niav Cudmore-Lynagh, Phillip Careen, Rachel Cluderay
  • 2021: Ella Kokelj, Levi Rossouw, Niav Cudmore-Lynagh
  • 2020: Henry Law

Grant Option

The Gary Robinson Memorial Fund was established in 2005 to support search and rescue/recovery, emergency response activities and outdoor skills and/or survival training in the Yellowknife area. 

Through this Fund, it is his family’s hope that Gary will continue to protect and help the people of this place that he loved so much. 

The Gary Robinson Memorial Fund is eligible for charitable organizations (organizations with a registered charitable number) conducting activities in the Yellowknife area.

If you do not have a registered charitable number, please call or email our office to discuss further: +1-867-446-4527, information@ykcf.ca.

Individuals are also eligible to apply to the Gary Robinson Memorial Fund, for a scholarship. Please see the student award and scholarship page of our website to see how you can apply for a scholarship via this Fund. 

Grants from the Gary Robinson Memorial Fund are designed to complement new and/or established programming and/or community-based activities in one or more of the following areas:

  • Search and rescue/recovery
  • Emergency response activities
  • Outdoor skills
  • Survival training
  • On-the-land skills

Applications can be submitted to the Gary Robinson Memorial Fund when the application portal opens. In 2024, the application portal opens June 1. Please use the link on our website to apply.

Please note that application dates may vary in future years.

For our 2024 intake, grant requests can be from $1,000 – $8000.

Please note that funding amounts vary year by year. 

Applications are reviewed by our Grants Committee and Fund Advisors.

28 July 2024 at 11.59pm MST: All applications due via grant portal found on the Yellowknife Community Foundation website.

August 2024: Yellowknife Community Foundation staff and Grants Committee members conduct due diligence checks on all applications and undertake a review process. As a normal part of our review process, you may hear from us with questions about your application. We appreciate your time in providing clarity.

September 2024: Applicants are notified. Every applicant will receive notification regardless of funding decision.

  • All successful applicants will be required to submit a final report through our online portal.
  • We want to hear from you during the lifecycle of your grant! Please reach out anytime with an impact story, picture or video, or just to say “Hi!”.

The past grant recipients of the Gary Robinson Memorial Fund. If you would like to see a list of scholarship recipients from the Gary Robinson Memorial Fund, please see this scholarship page.

  • 2017: Yellowknife Search and Rescue
  • 2015: Yellowknife Search and Rescue & Tides Canada
  • 2014: Northern Youth Leadership Society & Army Cadet League of Canada
  • 2013: Yellowknife Search and Rescue
  • 2012: Yellowknife Marine Rescue Society
  • 2011: Yellowknife Search and Rescue
  • 2010: Yellowknife Marine Rescue Society
  • 2009: Yellowknife Fire Department
  • 2007: Canadian Coast Guard Auxillary, Yellowknife Unit & Yellowknife Search and Rescue Society

For more information

If you require assistance or have questions about the Gary Robinson Memorial Fund, please do hesitate to contact the Yellowknife Community Foundation office at information@ykcf.ca or by phone at +1-867 446 4527.