Yellowknife Community Foundation

Gary Robinson Memorial Fund

Established in memory of Gary Robinson.

The Gary Robinson Memorial Fund provides financial support to those individuals or charitable organizations involved in search and rescue/recovery or emergency response activities. Although priority will be given for these purposes grants can also be awarded to individuals or charitable organizations involved in outdoor skills and or survival training. Grants may be used to purchase equipment, assist with program costs, purchase technical services or to attend or hosting training seminars or workshops. Through this fund, it is his family’s hope that Gary will continue to protect and help the people of this place that he loved so much.


To be eligible, individuals must be residents of the City of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Organizations must based in or have a registered office in the City of Yellowknife.


Preference will be given to eligible individuals or organizations whose past activities reflect the guiding values of the Fund.


Applications must be received by May 15 each year. The application must include a statement in at least 500 words on:

  1. Why they are applying for the grant;
  2. The individual’s or organization’s involvement in search and rescue/recover activities, emergency response activities, or outdoor skills/survival training activities; and
  3. How the grant will enhance the activities or the organization, or further the individual’s related career or volunteer goals.

If an individual, applicants must include a letter of reference from a recognized organization or another source acceptable to the Yellowknife Community Foundation attesting to the applicant’s involvement in the above-listed activities and a verification of residency.

The Yellowknife Community Foundation may also choose to ask organizations involved in the activities supported by the Fund to submit applications for funding.

Past recipients

  • 2021 Levi Rossouw, Ella Kokelj & Niav Cudmore-Lynagh
  • 2020 Henry Law
  • 2018 Kadee St. Croix
  • 2017 Phillip Careen & Yellowknife Search and Rescue
  • 2016 Sarolta Wouters
  • 2015 Yellowknife Search and Rescue & Tides Canada
  • 2014 Northern Youth Leadership Society & Army Cadet League of Canada
  • 2013 Yellowknife Search and Rescue
  • 2012 Yellowknife Marine Rescue Society
  • 2011 Yellowknife Search and Rescue
  • 2010 Yellowknife Marine Rescue Society
  • 2009 Yellowknife Fire Department
  • 2007 Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary, Yellowknife Unit & Yellowknife Search and Rescue Society




Financial support to those individuals or charitable organizations involved in search and rescue/recovery or emergency response activities.